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  • Orijin Design Co. All Natural Meditation, Mindfulness & Focus Tool. The Thinking Egg. Natural Brass Metal


    Ergonomically designed as a useful reminder to help bring ease and mindfulness to the present moment. | “With an absolutely conquering motto – ‘It’s Time To Slow Down’,the Thinking Egg is a project designed to promote the concept of mindfulness.” FORBES
    Composed of copper and zinc, Brass has been said to have healing properties to boost the immune system while also increasing melatonin (sleep and wakefulness) | “It’s meant to symbolize life, wealth, and promise. It’s a totem of sorts, a candy-sized figurehead meant to remind you to take a deep breath, and be present in the moment.” The NEXT WEB
    Serves as a great productivity tool that discreetly and elegantly keeps restless hands busy all while being extremely portable. | “Handcrafted from wood, brass, or stone that’s meant to serve as a reminder to chill the f–k out.” BUSINESS INSIDER

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